Vehicles visiting the complex can be parked from 6 am to 6 pm only and the risk shall be entirely on the owner of the vehicle.
Littering of the complex by garbage is strictly prohibited and the person found littering is liable to a penalty of Rs 500.
Samdruptse complex is an eco-friendly zone and the use of plastics bags is strictly prohibited in the complex. Visitors are advised not to bring any plastics bags and bottles insides the complex

Here is parking fee details below -

Vehicle types Parking time Parking fee
Four wheeler(light) 6am - 6pm 20 /-
Four wheeler(heavy) 6am - 6pm 20 /-



Stay connected while visiting Samdruptse as free WiFi (8 Mbps Bandwith) has benn provided in and arround the Samdruptse Complex by NI C(National Informatics Centre).

SSID and Password can be obtain from the ticket counter

Samdruptse Complex has a well stocked library containing various Buddhist texts in English and local language. The library has also books on Sikkim and is constantly being upgraded. Visitors can browse through various books and can read them in the complex. For burrowing the books, membership of the library is required. The library is open on weekdays from 10 am to 4 pm.


Our policy is to support the free dissemination of digital Buddhist educational material around the world and the systematic development of Dharma based pedagogy in partnership with Buddhist organisations worldwide. The Buddhist Library follows the principle of 'One Dharma', that is, promoting all Buddhist traditions and the diversity of cultures and languages they represent. So far the Library content is available in English, Hindi, Nepali, Chinese, Thai,and now Spanish and Portuguese. We are planning to expand the range of languages to include the main European and Asian languages as well.


We invite world Buddhist organisations, whether they are tertiary institutions, monasteries or related organisations to be involved with this project and support the database by providing content from their respective lineage or teacher, as this project will benefit the worldwide Buddhist community and the dissemination of the Buddha Dharma.


The Buddhist Library has been setup to support the study and practice of the Buddha´s Teachings in all Buddhist traditions. As the Library develops we hope eventually to include the cultures and languages they represent as well. Therefore, we seek your ongoing involvement and support in developing this resource so that the Library can comprehensively cater for all who use its resources, whether for academic use or just general interest. We do not charge or restrict the use of the content, so whether you are new to the Buddha´s Teachings or wish to expand your knowledge, please feel free to make use of the material that is offered. Also, we would appreciate if you can make a contribution either of digital content or as a user who helps to keep the eLibrary going by your donation.


Cafeteria services are available at the complex and it is located above the parking plaza of the complex. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the refreshment at complex. The Cafeteria provides good quality hygienic food of excellent taste.

Samdruptse has many curio stores selling traditional Buddhist materials and other curio items. Visitors can visit these stores and check the souvenirs and other motifs available at the stores.

At Samdruptse Hill, buddisht store provides all the traditional materials, cultural things, incense sticks, khadas, flowers,  ayurvedic medicine, pine dhup, lamas materials. Naturals products are also available here like, tea(Sikkim's sole tea estate — the Temi Tea Garden is situated. The tea carries a premium the world over and costs around Rs. 200/- a kg. The tea is marked by its exotic odour and flavour),Cardamoms,Ginger pickels,snaks. Media like Magazine,Bhajan mantra DVD-CD,Yoga tips DVD-CD ,News papers and more available here.