Hotel@ Namchi

Namchi, being an upcoming tourist spot, is seeing a lot of luxury hotels springing up. The current hotels have good facilities. The spas and the bars in this region are quintessential for the tourists.


People do not prefer air-conditioned rooms here and so accommodation is way cheaper. It could cost around Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000 per day. Budget Namchi hotels are the ones that suit most of the tourists who come to Sikkim. These hotels feature all the basic facilities including spas and a 24-hour travel desk. Tourists use the information from these desks to visit around the temples in this region. A night’s stay here can cost Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1800. Mid-range hotels have a friendly atmosphere and cost almost the same as budget hotels. Air-conditioned rooms are not necessary.

Home Stays

One of the most popular way to stay in Sikkim is to book a stay in the numerous home stay destination of Sikkim. The home stays provide a means to the tourist a easy way to enjoy the local culture and cuisine of the state.
Few of the important homestays in Sikkim are located at --