Project Sucess

The Guru’s blessings, of course, were present throughout the implementation of this colossal project


It has to be miracle that a not a single person fell sick or met with an accident during the nearly three years of implementations which involved more than a 1000 labourers and scores of engineers, sculptors and artisans slogging day and night under scorching sun in summer and biting cold in winter. According to the in charge of the Dodrupchen Chorten Trust, the winters used to be so cold in Samdruptse that they had to defreeze some of the workers from the plains apart from some numbness. This worker seemed to suffer from no prolonged side effects.


All the hailing from different parts of the country and also from Nepal and Bhutan were Unanimous in their belief that the services they rendered for the project was a once in a life time opportunity for them, the memory of which they will cherish forever. A reader of a well known local weekly summed up the feelings of everyone when he said that as he approached the majestic statue of Guru Rimpoche, he was awestruck by grandeur of the holy site and tears welled up in his eyes and he felt himself elevated up to the heaven. He has offered his sincere thanks to the Chief Minister Pawan Chamling who had a vision to create such a marvel of spiritual as well as a historical monument in Sikkim which is there for the world to see.

The statue with sacred relics including rolled mantras of scriptures and zoong and performing Rabney (Consecration) ceremony on the Statue Venerable Dodrupchen Rinpoche later thanked the Chief Minister for entrusting such an important project to a humble Lama like him and assured that he had completed the Statue with the best of intentions to fulfill the Chief Minister’s aspiration to benefit the people of Sikkim and all sentient beings. The Rimpoche, while reiterating that he had executed the project as per the wishes of the Chief Minister, said he was now handing over the completed Statue to the Chief Minister personally so that he could chart the future course for this great beginning. His Eminence was all praises for the Chief Minister’s vision and leadership in completing such a splendid tribute to Guru Padmasambhava in His hidden land.